Monday, May 4, 2009

Needle Felting Tools I Use

I have a range of needles and holders that I like to use and I keep them in a basket with dense foam at the bottom to keep the needles secure.

My favourite needles are from the Wizpick range.
I have several types of holders but I also use rubber bands twisted on top of a single needle or I tape needles together and then twist a couple of rubber bands to give a good grip.
Wooden ice block sticks and fat pencils work really well as holders also and only need a bit of tape to keep keep one or two needles in place.

A large square of dense foam is an essential piece of equipment.


  1. Thank you Jill, for the "Wizpick"-
    Those Needles I am searching for a long time!

  2. your work is so beautiful!!!!

  3. The Wizpick needles come in a big range of sizes and they are all colour coded too.
    I keep the full range in my basket and use all of them but I do have my favourites which are the Peach Star, the Cream ( a very long fine needle) Burgundy and Pink.