Monday, August 10, 2009

Skin Deep

I have been experimenting with dying my own wool to get a good skin colour. I find it a real challenge to get the tone I want. It is so easy to overdo the colour. I like to have several shades of colour that I can blend together to get the right skin effect.


  1. Your work is amazing with so much detail, i really enjoyed looking around your blog
    cheers karen

  2. Must admit I do love creating the detail. For me it is the best bit of the process.

  3. The skin is magical!
    With kind regards


  4. Tracey, i stumbled upon your blog & just have to say i love your work its stunning! do you sell on line at all? *ruthie*

  5. I don't sell online sorry.
    My pieces take such a long time to complete that I am unable to produce very much to sell. I mainly exhibit my work and teach to earn enough to keep going.