Sunday, November 15, 2009

Needle Felting Faces

A few of my lovely followers have asked for some tips on needle felting faces so here you are....
I perfer to use a wool that is a bit coarser than merino for making my faces. My favourite wool is corridale for this purpose. I dye my own flesh colour and don't worry if the sliver comes out a little bit "felted" after the dying process. This gives the wool some extra body and makes for easier needling.

I always use a picture of a skeleton to give me the underneath structure for the face. If I know where those bones are meant to be it is easier to give the face its character.

I find that I need to have the felt very, very hard to be able to mould it and add the features of the face. This firm surface allows me to achieve the smooth finish I like and if I had to change the shape of say the nose then I can easily do that with out the wool disappearing. It is surprising how much wool it takes to make a decent sized nose!

I use very fine wool yarn around the eyes and gently colour the wool with a little paint to give the cheeks and eyes life.


  1. Wow!!!
    What you're doing ist soooo amazing!!! I'd love to come to New Zealand and watch your arts in reality.

    (from Germany)

  2. Great, great needle felted faces!!