Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taking a Break

Just letting you know that I am taking a break from posting for a bit.
I hope to be back some time in the new year with lots of new work.


  1. oh, it's very sad, that you take a break. why? I will miss you very much and want you will come back soon. For now I thank you very much for your ispirations and I hope you visit me at my blog sometiemes. sorry for my bad english.

    lovely greetings and merry christmas for you and your family

  2. hi jill,

    I have seen that you've visited my blog several times. Thank you that you are still interested in it.

    So now you are gone already 6 months ago, when you will come back. I miss you very much.

    very nice Greetings

    by Saphira