Saturday, June 26, 2010


I know I have neglected this blog for some time now and you may (or may not) have wondered where I have been.
Life likes to throw us all little challenges and mine had been some health issues that slows me down.
My pieces take me a long time to make, sometimes months so I don't have new and exciting works to post all that often.
I will post when I can and when I have something to say or show. If you choose to take a peek every now and again you are very welcome.

This large mask is called "MUSE" and is needle felted corridale wool that I hand dyed.
The flowers are wet felted merino.


  1. This is the most amazing needle felting I saw! Your work is sooooo beautifull. I prefer the detailed caracters. Very inspiring

  2. Welcome Back Jill, Hope your well now, i really love your work and always pop in here every now and then to see your new additions. I'm actually in a winter slump at the moment so i love looking through your site and feeling very Inspired xo
    Cheers Karen xoxo

  3. Wow, I have been needle felting for 6 years now and have never seen anything like your work! The Mask is gorgeous! How big is it? Love the baby in the pod on the side of your blog too! Makes me wish I did wet felting too! lol I'm in Hamilton, nice to find a 'local' fibre artist! :o)

  4. there are lots of local fibre artists at New Zealand Creative Fibre.
    Web site is

  5. incredible work. Your work always impresses me!