Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Felting the Expat Way

"The Journey"(15cm high)

Off on a journey to discover new & exciting ways to felt

Since I last posted I have moved from New Zealand and am now living as an expat in Lae in Papua New Guinea.
This is giving me more time to concentrate on felting and start to work on all those projects that have been living in my work books for several years.


  1. Sind die süüüüüß!

  2. Nie było Ciebie prawie dwa lata. Twoja sztuka jest zjawiskowa i niepowtarzalna. Dlatego przyciągnęła mnie do Twojego blogu. Szkoda, że tak rzadko na nim bywasz. Dzisiaj przeczytałam, że jesteś z Papua Nowej Gwinei. To egzotyczny kraj dla Polki. Lubię etno, chyba dlatego zaglądam dla Ciebie.
    Szkoda tylko, że masz to koszmarną weryfikację obrazkową.

  3. Thank you. I hope to post more regularly now that I have some more time.

  4. Bother! I tried to leave a message, but it doesn't seem to have worked! Great to see you creating agin Jill. Lovely lovely work too.

    You were missed, and remembered at the DCT reunion. It was a great weekend, amazing how we've changed but are still the same, after all these years. The organisers had done a great job and the attendance was remarkable. The noise made by 300+ women at the dinner was quite unbelievable!!

    Hope all's well with you,