Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Best Advice

I love this quote from Ira Glass. 

Ira Glass Quote



  1. Hi Jill, for some reason the quote doesn't show up, but I wonder if the picture below is a hint about your new work??
    Next year's Wanganui (Oops! got to say Whanganui now to be PC!) Fibre Arts event has Marjolein Dallings coming as a tutor - I've signed up already!

  2. Dear Jill,
    thank you for posting this note as it expresses just this phase of my life as a feltmaker I am in. "Is it the right way I am going? I have come so fare - but what now? What is special in my work? Do I go on? What comes up next? Something has to change, but what is it? ...." Thank you so much. This tells me to go on, get deeper into myself, ask my inspiration, get projects going, have a vision and ... do not stop. Many greetings to you in New Zealand - a wonderful and inspiring country.

  3. I find this quote so reassuring too and have it on my workroom wall to remind me when I am feeling lost with my work.
    I know now from past experience that when i am in a creative void the only way is to push on through.
    When I manage to get a good volume of work done, the creativity really begins to flow and i find myself full of new ideas.
    Then I have to stop for a few weeks and have to start all over again !
    Your work is lovely Angelika......keep on going