Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Little Boat Dreaming"

This is a new piece that I left back in NZ to be submitted for an exhibition.
 The babies face is needle felted using NZ corridale and merino sliver  that I dyed using Earth Palette Dyes.
The boat is made of merino wool that has been wet felted and embellished with silk and then beaded with tiny seed beads.
The boat is about 50cm (20in) long and about 30cm (12in) high.

I am off to Cairns on Tuesday to escape PNG until the beginning of July. I am taking some small needle felting projects with me so hopefully I will have time to do a little of that.
I will be able to pop into Spotlight for supplies (it's like being in a lolly shop for someone like me!) and it will be nice to be able to walk freely around and not have to be so security focused all the time.


  1. Absolutely love your work. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  2. Georgeous! I like it very much!
    With kind regards,

  3. Fantastic... beautiful and unique!!!

  4. In German we have a word called 'Traumhaft', when something is very beautiful. It literally means: like in a dream. I LOVE your work!

  5. Każda Twoja praca to istne dzieło sztuki. O ostatnie jest fascynujące.

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  7. Hi Jill, just found your beautiful blog!! Like the speech about making things---and I love your "memory of snow"! Wooly greetings from La Palma

  8. Hi Jill, Maureen Woods introduced me to your work! I love what you are doing, especially the boats and the White works! Love to meet with you sometime in Oamaru!