Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Details

I love putting detail on my work. I like to use beads, buttons, cross stitch (the only embroidery stitch I can do!) little charms, broken jewellery bits, earrings that I have loved, bits of gorgeous & interesting yarns, twisted, textured wools and any other interesting bits I have collected over the years.
The trouble is, you can easily overdo the details and sometimes a piece looks better without it.
Knowing how to discern what works and what doesn't keeps me constantly looking and changing my little boats.
This is one reason I never work on just one piece at a time. You need to pin or tack the bits on and then mull it over for a day or two…….a week a month sometimes!
I often get it wrong and go back and pull it all of after it has been stitched down and start again.

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